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    Dedicated to sound and responsible medical research, collaboration, and professional development and mentoring, the Pittsburgh Development Center of Magee-Womens Research Institute explores the molecular biology of cell function

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Forefronts in Substance Abuse During Pregnancy, Postpartum & Pediatrics

This NIH sponsored research education program concentrates on studying pregnant people with or at risk for Substance Abuse Disorders and their newborns, toddlers, and children.

Frontiers in Emerging, Re-Emerging, and Zoonotic Diseases and Diversity

This NIH-sponsored advanced course is on emerging infectious disease epidemiology, prevention and control, vaccine development, clinical and translational research, ethics, and health disparities research.

Advancing Native American Diversity in Aging Research

This NIH-sponsored research education course trains & mentors Native American & Indigenous undergraduates in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) and aging mechanisms.

Frontiers in Alzheimer’s & Aging

Provides & mentors promising junior & senior undergraduates in sophisticated Alzheimer’s and aging research.

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PDC explores the molecular biology of cell function– in gametes, embryos, stem cells, maternal/fetal efficacy of assisted reproduction technologies, the origins of developmental diseases, the causes and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes and the potential of stem cells for treating human disease.

Among our other strengths, the Pittsburgh Development Center is emerging as a world center for the study of stem cells, precursor cells with the ability to grow into any tissue and the ability to treat a variety of human diseases. Before stem cell treatments are developed, PDC researchers will determine the best conditions in which to grow these precious cells.

The largest research institute in the U.S. devoted exclusively to women’s health research

Magee-Womens Research Institute

MWRI is making discoveries and advancing knowledge in many areas affecting women including: reproductive biology, breast cancer genomics and personalized therapies, HIV immunization and prevention, fertility preservation, and is a recognized leader in clinical pelvic floor research. Through our revolutionary 9-90™ research, we focus on how pregnancy and fetal development can affect population health for future generations.

We firmly believe that new insights into the role of early human development in defining short- and long-term health and wellness will transform our understanding of disease development, treatment and prevention for future generations. More Information

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